Setting the record straight: DVRR opposes ATV use on snowmobile trails


DOWNSVILLE - Statements made by Walton Supervisor Joe Cetta at a Nov. 13 town council meeting claiming snowmobile club members in Downsville favor ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or four-wheeler use on snowmobile trails is not true, said Delaware Valley Ridge Riders (DVRR) snowmobile club President Andrew Mattson.

“The snowmobile club welcomes opening up their trails to four-wheelers and ATVs,” Cetta said at Walton council meeting Nov. 13, referring to a meeting held by Colchester residents, Tuesday, Nov. 7 at the Delhi American Legion, where the formation of an ATV club was discussed.

Watch a video of the meeting here.

“I don’t know where he got his information from,” Mattson said, after polling snowmobile club members and those proposing to form the ATV club in Downsville.

DVRR, which maintains nearly 80 miles of snowmobile trails, primarily in the town of Colchester and Walton, does not favor - and actually prohibits - the use of ATVs on snowmobile trails. ATVs and UTVs (utility terrain vehicles) are prohibited from using trails that are maintained with New York State Snowmobile Association funding. “It’s part of NYSSA’s bylaws,” Mattson said of the prohibition.

Private landowners can allow whoever they want to ride on their property, Mattson said, “and we would not be able to stop them. Our insurance does not cover ATVs or UTVs, only snowmobiles.”

DVRR-maintained trails connect to Hamden Hill Ridge Rider trails over Telford Hollow, where riders can connect to trails in Andes and Hamden, Mattson said. “Our trails also go toward Corbett and we carry Bear Spring.”

There are connected and maintained snowmobile trails from Downsville to Canada, Mattson explained of the vast trail system.

Mattson clarified that neither he or DVRR is opposed to outdoor recreation or ATV recreation. “But we have to protect the trails in our club. We just can’t promote them (ATV/UTV operators) using snowmobile trails,” Mattson said. “They will wreak havoc.”

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