A lasting gift for Valentine’s Day


Roses are red,

Violets are blue, 

Cut flowers don’t last,

So what do you do?

Composting your flowers

Roses and other cut flowers are a common gift to let someone know you care about them. However, this symbol of love only lasts a week or two. These spent flowers are a great addition to the compost pile. For best results, cut the stems into pieces of six inches or smaller, so they’ll degrade more quickly.

Don’t waste the love, waste-conscious gift ideas:

• A live potted plant.

• Flower seeds or bulbs that can be planted in the warmer weather.

• A donation to an organization valued by your loved one.

• Gift an experience or plan an adventure together.

• Travel around to New York State Parks with the Empire Pass.

• An environmentally friendly card: avoid purchasing cards with shiny elements - bonus points for choosing cards with as much recycled content as possible or using upcycled materials to DIY!

Love our recycling - recycle right!

Don’t Recycle these items:

• Paper products with metal, foil, glittery, or large plastic components.

• Paper mailers and envelopes padded with bubble wrap and Tyvek® envelopes.

• Plastic inserts, fake credit cards, and other hard plastic cards

• Receipts.

• Paper towels and tissues (consider composting instead if chemical cleaners are not used).

• Soiled paper plates, bowls, takeout boxes, etc.