DCMO BOCES hosts New York State Literacy Initiative


Local school administrators and school literacy leaders attended a New York State Literacy Initiative event at locations across the state Wednesday, Jan. 10. Meeting sites included both the DCMO BOCES Harrold Campus in Sidney Center and the DCMO BOCES Support Services Center in Norwich.

The event, organized by the New York State Education Department, was a hybrid webinar with in-person discussion and presentations, intended to provide school administrators and literacy leaders in the state with an opportunity to strengthen knowledge of evidence-based literacy practices in PK-12 education. There were 29 participants at the Harrold Campus, and 37 at the Norwich site.

At this event, the education department released a new series of literacy briefs via webinar that focus on the science of reading. The full-day event included an overview of the science of reading and each of the seven literacy briefs, with time to reflect and discuss with colleagues at each of the local sites. Attendees were welcomed by New York State Commissioner of Education Dr. Betty A. Rosa. The keynote speaker was Roy Edward Larsen Professor of Education and Human Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Dr. Nonie K. Lesaux. Lesaux previously partnered with the department on the series of advanced literacy briefs published in 2017.

Staff from DCMO BOCES Instructional Support Services facilitated the event and discussions at each site, and shared information about upcoming literacy-related professional learning workshops for area teachers to continue building their skills and knowledge.

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