Leave No Trace™—Trail Registers


In addition to telling someone about your hiking plans, don’t forget to sign in at the trail register.

This is important not only for your safety, but also for DEC to monitor recreation by providing a record of how many visitors there were to each trail. Trail register counts get added up when the book is full and saved by DEC Foresters. This is helpful for ensuring that trails are not unexpectedly facing damages from being overused; and that busy, vulnerable trails can be on DEC’s radar to ensure they are maintained adequately.

Trail registers can also serve as a way to warn others about extra information, like current hazards or missing gear left on the trail. Feel free to neatly add in a little note for others to see on the side, so long as you appropriately fill out the boxes as directed. If hiking with a group, only one person should sign and write down the total number of all group members.

Signing in keeps you AND the resources of the trail safe.