TU Dave Brandt Chapter “Trout in the Classroom” projects


During the last school year, the Dave Brandt Chapter of Trout Unlimited sponsored “Trout in the Classroom” projects in five schools in Otsego and Delaware Counties. The Dave Brandt Chapter covers the geographical area of all of Otsego County and northern and eastern Delaware County.

Each “Trout in the Classroom” project starts with the chapter financing and setting up all the equipment in each classroom in late September. The equipment includes a 55 gallon aquarium, chiller, filter, pump, aerators, chemicals, and all the remaining equipment and supplies needed to successfully raise 100 to 200 trout from eggs to 4 to 5 inches in size. Based on timing and availability, the chapter obtains the trout eggs from the DEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) hatchery in DeBruce or from the aquaculture program at SUNY Cobleskill, and the chapter delivers 150 to 200 trout eggs to each school involved.

Participating teachers at each school do a great job using the project to supplement their teaching curriculum and to expand students’ learning experience. Students learn about how trout live, feed, reproduce, and survive in cold water environments. They get to observe the trout hatch, grow, feed, and behave. They get to participate daily in feeding and caring for the trout.

The culmination of the project happens when students stock the fish they have raised in one of the local trout streams near their school. In May and June this year over 600 young brown trout and brook trout will be stocked in five local streams thanks to these five projects. Volunteers from the Dave Brandt Chapter of Trout Unlimited provide assistance and “trouble-shooting” services with any issues that may arise during the school year. Chapter volunteers assist the students in stocking the fish.

Currently “Trout in the Classroom” projects are being run in classrooms in the following schools: Oneonta Middle School, Milford Central School, Unadilla Elementary School, Charlotte Valley Central School in Davenport, and Delaware Academy in Delhi.

For additional information about “Trout in the Classroom” or The Dave Brandt Chapter of Trout Unlimited contact Tom Trelease at tomtreleassegmail.com or 607.434.7211.