Lottery ticket scam?


Did you ever buy a lottery ticket at the Price Chopper? I do. Not the scratch off kind but for a $2 chance to win a hundred million, why not? Two dollars for a dream?

I’ve taken my printed ticket to the machine on the counter next to the big machine where I bought my ticket and either nothing happens when I scan the ticket or it reads “not a valid bar code.” What?

I think it might be an issue with the reader so I take the ticket to the gas station and my ticket couldn’t be read there, either.

Today I spoke to a manager at Price Chopper and he said he knew about the problem. He’s made a complaint about the printing machine and the Lottery won’t fix it. He put a sign on the machine and his district manager tore it off. I asked who I could contact at Price Chopper and he said they weren’t given that information.

Okay. So the most I’ve ever won is $2 – but just suppose... would I be denied winnings for “an invalid bar code?”

And how many other machines (in the state?) is this a familiar situation?

If this was a bookie, someone would take him out back and beat the daylights out of him. But this is legal gambling, so it’s okay?

Marie Van Valkenburgh



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